• “First Libyan leading firm, manufacturing modern plastic closures”
  • Global Standards and Best Quality
  • Organizational capabilities and passion that compete in the present and build for the future.
  • We made it easy
    ASSAILPLAST provide most economic caps solution for customer’s satisfaction.
  • Integrated Solutions
    ASSAILPLAST is World of Solutions for your Growing Needs in the manufacturing.
    Libya’s First Best Quality Products.


ASSAILPLAST as Libya’s first manufacturing and distributing firm with highly qualified and experience staff in the field of plastic closures industry, we offer you a helping hand in the following services:

  1. Integrated manufacture

    Our company is working as an integrated manufacturer and distributor where we have the ability to complete all plastic jobs from the processing of design and planning to the delivery of final material through the line of high tech machinery to be with technological development.

  2. The Trust

    Thanks to Almighty Allah, we have achieved customers trust in the presence of integrated team with extensive experience in the field of plastic industry, we have been able to meet all the requirements of our customers in all aspects, we provide best quality on reasonable prices.

  3. Principle & Responsibility

    We Strive for Simplicity to be a source of excellence for our customers, and Be a respected citizen of community and country.

  4. Integrated Solutions

    Our strategic intent is to help people find better integrated solutions — by constantly leading in plastic closures industry, products and services that improve our customers’ work processes and business results.

  5. Competitive Prices

    Seeking sustainable, profitable growth by encouraging relentless pursuit of our vision, simplicity of style, and speed of action, innovation and leadership in all of our chosen business activities.